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What makes a classy gift?

Welcome to Classy Gifting World! It is often said "It's not how much we give but how much we put into giving"...this prompts my question; what makes a classy gift?

Is it the size, the taste, the color, the cost, the giver, the thoughts, the packaging, the location, the timing...and the list goes on.

At Classy Gifting World; we believe that the making of a classy gift is as relative and as diverse as the human race. The specifics of a classy gift can also be as broad as the ocean; however, a classy gift must have some good qualities to make it outstanding...

Top on our list is the thought and creativity that goes into securing and giving a tells the recipient that they are special, important and truly worth the time and effort. It also says a lot about the giver; revealing if they are carefree, extravagant, miserly or thoughtful.

Another important quality of a classy gift must be its presentation...did you say wow at the sight of the gift? Did it bring up a memory? Did it make you cry? Were you in awe of the gift more so that you left it unopened for days, weeks or months? Was it an irresistible gift that you dived into right a chocolate dipped strawberry from La Framboise Company...

Whatever the occasion, the fundamentals of giving a classy gift determines if the effect of the gift will last for a season or for a lifetime. It is so important in giving to pay close attention to the personality of the recipient. It is also good to pay just a little bit more if necessary for that extra touch of class.

Here at Classy Gifting World, we will be sharing all the beautiful things (person, animal, place or thing) that makes a classy gift. It's our hope that you will enjoy this new adventure with us as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

Stay tuned...classy gifting ideas starts right here.

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