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Making a classy case for the environment on Earth Day

I remember sitting in my graduate studies class discussing the ravaging effects of climate change on the earth and its ecosystems….we had discussion after discussion about receding arctic ice, tsunamis, rising sea levels and coral reef bleaching threatening the livelihoods of people in places like the Maldives. In addition to what governments must do to keep their Kyoto protocol commitments, I believe strongly that we can all do our tiny little bit in our personal spaces and spheres of influence for the good of our world.

As we celebrate Earth Day this weekend; this is our voice added to the million voices around the world crying and advocating for the protection of our common good; our land, air and water that we may safeguard the earth and its ecosystems for future generations to come.

At La Framboise Company, we are fully committed to sustainable energy practices and sustainable living…we pay close attention to our processes from cradle to grave to ensure we’re making efforts to do what we believe.

So what will make a classy gift this Earth Day? The keywords - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle e.g. walking instead of taking the car for short distances, carpooling whenever possible, turning to 30 for your laundry and using energy saving bulbs, composting as a minimum. While these simple or not so simple life changes are both beneficial for you and the environment; we present to you our top picks for Earth Day gifts:

  • Earth day themed chocolate dipped fruit & desserts

  • A good book e.g. Colin Beaver's "No Impact Man"

  • Potted plants and seeds

  • Graphic shirts promoting “going green”

  • Acts of service and kindness for your loved ones e.g. help them recycle

  • Green tea e.g. Matcha

  • A globe

  • Green soaps

  • Water bottles and/or filters to replace a bottled water culture

  • Non-paper & non-plastic shopping tote bags

We hope you have a fun-filled earth Day; please help save the earth; it’s the only planet with chocolate!

Olola Fruitiere,

Classy Gifting World

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