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Tips for a classy Easter/Spring gift


Easter is the ultimate Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus after the crucifixion. In a nutshell, Easter celebrates the gift of abundant life and hope in the here and now. It also has a lot to do with tons of chocolate Easter bunnies, eggs, desserts, beautiful Easter baskets and a magnificent splash of rainbow colors.

This week at Classy Gifting World; we’ve been thinking about what a classy gift at Easter looks like? And we’ll just like to share a few thoughts:

  • It should celebrate life and a springing forth and a hopping forward…

  • It should be bright, colorful and cheerful…

  • It should be practical and useful; something to be enjoyed with friends and family beyond Easter perhaps into the spring/summer season…

  • Finally, it should warm the heart of the recipient for a long time.


Our favorite picks for classy gifts this Easter/Spring includes a bouquet or box of decadent chocolate dipped fruit and/or dessert, a truly unique umbrella gift basket, a beautiful gift in a balloon, an Easter/spring wall art, door hanger or frame, a bible and/or great book to ease the mind into summer, craft/activity sets for the happy crafter, bright and cheery bed linens, spring summer dinnerware for the homely special person, a spring/summer mountain or beach getaway package…

Whatever your choice of gift, our four tips that make a classy Easter/Spring gift is sure to help. May the joy and hope of Easter rest with you and yours this season and beyond.

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Happy Easter gifting!

Olola Fruitiere

Classy Gifting World

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