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Classy Party/Event Etiquette

Cast your mind back to an event, party, wedding or conference you attended in the past where the invite was to die for, the dress code was top notch, the hype leading up to the day was out of this world...only to get there to find out the location was truly grand, however little or no thought was put into parking for you had to go round and round in circles just to find nearby street parking with the silent risk of getting a parking're already exhausted before you find your assigned seat, and the only thought on your mind is that the food, music and ambiance had better make up for the hassle....

Truth be told, planning and execution of grand and classy events is not for the faint-hearted; it requires a high degree of skill & mastery, knowledge, an organized mind and a dependable team who prioritize the finer details of hospitality management.

As creative stylists and edible artists at Classy Gifting World by La Framboise Company; we propose our classy party/event etiquette to guarantee your event is truly grand and your guests feel so honored to have made the guest list.

UN: Invest in a miniature or grand dessert and/or sweet table; our signature offering at La Framboise Company; we offer you a free consultation to discuss your theme, style and budget autographed with excellence execution.

DEUX: Our elegant and decadent edible bonbonnieres and party favors is a classy way to wow your guests and make them feel truly special. These edible treats are beautifully styled and personalized based on your style/theme.

TROIS: Add the wow factor to your grand event with our chocolate & ice-cream bar...available year round with premium chocolate and ice-cream options for every taste and palate. The bar is fully customized and can be offered with a dessert/sweet table or as a stand alone. This is sure to keep your event on the mind of your guests for a really long time.

La Framboise Company is here to serve you and your guests with excellence; look no further and step up your party/event etiquette by visiting us today at as "classy gifting starts right here".

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