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Wedding Gifting 101

The year was 2004…the last day of July to be precise…the day I recall and celebrate my birth and the day I walked down the beautiful flower arched aisle to marry my best friend! While I received lots of beautiful gifts like the crystal picture frame that holds my wedding picture or the small figurine that simply says “welcome home”; it was this gift from my spouse, family and friends that had traveled miles to share in our joy topped up with a romantic honeymoon getaway that was most meaningful for me.

The getaway location was raw and wild, a 65-acre tropical beach resort paradise featuring a unique blend of natural environments (a freshwater lake, an accessible mangrove swamp and the beautiful waves and winds of the Atlantic ocean all on one site), featuring modern luxury and unequivocal African hospitality.

It’s been 13 amazing years and I still remember those moments like yesterday… It was the best wedding gift ever to be married to a great man on my birthday, and the unrivaled honeymoon getaway destination of my dreams! These gifts gave us beautiful moments representing our devotion, sacrifice and commitment to our collective future.

People say there are three important dates in a person’s life…the day you were born, the day you get married and the day you exit this earth realm. It clearly explains the hype about weddings…it is the only day of the three that you get to choose, be fully present and get to be an active participant. To further highlight the significance of this day; we celebrate the couple in special and meaningful ways with our presence, prayers and presents.

With this premise, our post today centers on what makes a classy wedding gift? What constitutes a memorable gift? A unique gift that keeps on giving is both personal and thoughtful; as always it’s not the size or the cost but the thoughtfulness of the gift. Our top picks for weddings include:

  • An all expense paid honeymoon package for the couple – it just takes the emotional and financial stress off after the long and hectic days of planning a wedding

  • A fully paid wedding themed dessert/sweet table beautifully styled for the wedding rehearsal dinner or reception – this adds to the sweetness and beauty of the special day, and creates lasting memories

  • A fully paid wedding music professional or band probably with a custom song for the couple adding to the glamour of the day and creating a beautiful keepsake for years to come.

  • Personalized wedding gifts that will stand out from the rest…so many options to choose from – towels, linens, wall art, matching passport holders, clutch purse/duffel bag with their new identity, fine china, journals, bricks and the list goes on.

  • Cash gifts – cheques, EMTs, gift cards will be warmly received as is often said “cash is king”

  • The traditional wedding gift registry – these gifts were handpicked by the couple so you can’t possibly go wrong picking from the list.

  • A unique gift that says “to be opened after your first heated argument” – this helps foster unity and creates strength and resilience needed to stay faithful to their vows when life throws lemons and curved balls

  • Most importantly, your presence, prayers for marital bliss and goodwill messages for the couple starting a new life together

Being creative, thoughtful and lavish with your wedding gifting certainly makes the day all the more special for the bride and groom and creates cherished moments to commemorate the most important day of their lives.

To beautiful and enduring love,

Olola Fruitiere

Classy Gifting World

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